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Heather~Lynne has worked as a professional Wedding/Portrait photographer in the NY/NJ/PA area for eight years. Recently Heather made the decision to move to the Midwest and pursue her passion for photography in St. Louis, MO. A close cousin of Heathers’ moved to Cape Girardeau, MO about six years ago with her family and they love traveling into St. Louis for weekend visits. They finally convinced Heather to visit and she loved it!
Heather’s interest in photography began at the age of 12 when her father bought her a subscription to “Popular Photography” magazine, and in years to follow, a 35 mm camera. During her first 2 years of college, she studied business and psychology then rediscovered her passion for art and photography. Heather finished with a B.A in Photography and set out to assist and gain knowledge from other working photographers. This led her to start her own photography business in NJ. For the past eight years, Heather has been shooting weddings, portraits and other special events in and around NJ. Heather enjoyed visiting St. Louis so much that she decided to move there, revamp her photography business, and share her documentary style with the Midwest.

Heather~Lynnes’ refreshing documentary style portrays the unique personality of each person she photographs. With the use of natural light and minimal flash, she captures the emotion in every moment. Heather knows that every wedding is unique and that it is an honor to capture a couple’s special day as it unfolds, not only because she loves photography but also because it is the most important day of your lives.

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